KIOSK Solution

Fast and easy kiosk software for users to do self service activities, while staff focuses on value-added activities. Offering payment process in form of cash, credit and debit cards, full software management, administration and monitoring capabilities.

Management Software application

The user friendly software interface is fully responsible to manage and control all kiosks defined in the system and connected to the database from one single location.

  • Multilingual user interface: enable, disable or add new language from the administrator interface
  • Secure payment processing
  • User data encrypted
  • Remote software updates
  • Full transaction log for Real-Time process monitoring
  • Application updates deployed to kiosks from the central server
  • Online content management
  • Stats via SMS for KPI’s and alerts to be sent to the admin user mobile phone.
  • Edit and deploy tariff settings and parameters
  • Get real-time information about transactions, cash box levels, cash collection operations
  • Upload screen saver images (allows for branding)
Software Hardware
Monitors kiosk software Monitors OS & software watchdog
Expects a heartbeat signal Expects a heartbeat signal
Performs soft-boot if no signal is received by the Software Watchdog Performs hard-boot if no signal is received by the Hardware Watchdog
Monitors and alert on door access, cash box capacity, and Kiosk movement
  • Database Server
    Q-Touch Application Server
  • Ticket Dispenser
    Main Display (LED)
  • Counter Display (LED)
    Hub for the displays